GAM “Global Agency Management” is a multi-device Cloud solution dedicated to shipowners and to shipping, cargo and ticket agents.

The first GAM version was marketed in 1998, it was intended for shipping and cargo agents, the latest version of the GAM ERP “GAM Cloud” is intended for shipping agents, shipowners and maritime transport operators. It is interfaced with the Odoo CRM, sales teams can take full advantage of the sales and invoicing functionalities of this CRM.

Basic components

SCOB: Smart Component for the calculation and extraction of Business data

Intelligent component for the calculation and extraction of business data, it allows the extraction of invoicing elements from existing data in the professional information system during production, thanks to the SCOB, taxation is completely automated, it produces an invoicing which results from the exploitation (profession)

Profile management: Dynamic management of menus to customize features according to each profession.

Template generator: A tool that allows the creation of different printing templates for each GAM Cloud report (arrival notice, stopover account, receipts status, Ticket, etc.) The templates are based on a hierarchy of families, groups and items.

Electronic payment: The GAM Cloud system enables electronic payment of invoices via an integrated service.

Notification engine: Sending notices of arrival/pro-forma export by email. Notification by email/web notification when integrating the XML format manifest.

Added values

  • Multilingual
  • Multi-agencies,
  • accounting interface,
  • Customized dashboards and statistics,
  • Fully configurable invoicing, electronic invoice-X
  • 100% automated taxation thanks to the SCOB (Smart component for the calculation and extraction of business data)
  • Management of menus and personalized profiles

Odoo Invoicing and CRM integration

The Invoicing module provides all the features needed to manage your company’s invoices. This module allows you to directly access key information with dynamic and personalized dashboards.

  • Creation/integration of invoices
    • Stopover account
    • import
    • export
    • Demurrage / Detention
    • Invoicing outside of the profession
  • Credit/complementary invoice
  • Customizable EXCEL export
  • Sending invoices by email to customers
  • Configuring payment terms
  • Total/partial recording of payments
  • Monitoring payments and sending reminders to customers
  • PDF printing of invoices by model

Functionalities of shipowners and maritime transport operators

  • Creation and management of services
  • Schedules management
  • Schedules report
  • Management of scales for freight quotation
  • Booking management
  • Management of profiles, provision clauses and demurrage clauses
  • Printing of B/Ls
  • Management of FALs (ISPS Form, Last 10 ports, IMO crew list…)
  • Bunker management
  • Consolidation of agent stopover accounts by schedule
  • Consolidation of container movements
  • Commercial report (expenses and receipts) of the stopover and the schedule

Functionalities of shipping agents

  • Vessel Operations monitoring (creation & monitoring of stopovers, etc.)
  • Documentation (entering the manifest, taxation of B/L, editions, etc.)
  • Customs Declaration
  • Establishment of B/L for export
  • Goods Tracking
  • Billing
  • Transfer of invoices to accounting
  • Container Management (physical and financial)
  • Establishment of stopover accounts and shipowner accounts.

Ticketing functionalities

  • Booking
  • Establishment of tickets
  • Automatic check-in and boarding
  • Edition of quotes, tickets and boarding passes
  • Electronic payment
  • Global / detailed passenger invoice
  • Passenger / vehicle manifest